Products and Services

Systems Design, Development and Auditing.

IFPC-IGI has extensive experience in all stages of development for customized Information Systems (design, development, implementation, correction, training, coaching, managing and providing technological support) and in the execution of sophisticated “turnkey” systems.

Besides our standard products, such as the Investigations Management Assistant, our Information Technologies Division is able to determine the security needs of our clients, create complex customized systems and provide advice on new technologies all in order to aid in the growth of your business. One such example was the “Integrated System for Criminal Statistics” that IFPC-IGI designed and successfully implemented in the Republic of Panama. This system combines and analyzes criminal events throughout the entire judicial process: police, public prosecutor, the Courts and the penitentiary system.

Intelligence analysis, individual identity verification, monitoring of account performance, fraud and money laundering detection, and management of exceptional events are some of the software applications designed by IFPC-IGI, which have effectively improved the management of and prevented losses in a number of banks and financial institutions, multinational companies, government agencies, health providers and other entities potentially facing high risk situations.

Utilizing communications and processing technologies as investigative resources we are able to:

  • Track cyber criminals that use TCP and IP protocols
  • Prevent or detect cybercrimes
  • Provide technical support to lawyers, law enforcement institutes, court-appointed and party-appointed expert witnesses.
  • Prevent or investigate computer system as crime objectives
  • Prevent or investigate computer systems used as means to commit crimes.
  • Detect illegitimate access to computer systems
  • Recover information from hard disks.
  • Develop protocols for cybercrime investigations

In addition, IFPC-IGI has developed specific procedures and uses state of the art technology for the detection, recovery and preservation of digital evidence.