Products and Services

Personnel Training and Coaching.

The constant training of personnel in private and public organizations, especially in areas concerning security matters, is a necessity given present times. Training is not a cost but rather an investment in human capital. Companies and governmental entities that have understood this have gained efficiency, public image and, fundamentally, they have accomplished something that is not always self-evident: “They have prevented and detected losses or damage IN TIME”.

IFPC-IGI trains personnel in the following areas:

  • Physical Security and Protection of Executives
  • Police Techniques
  • Collection and analysis of Intelligence
  • Investigation by means of Open Sources and the Internet
  • Internal Affairs
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Public Corruption Investigation
  • Forensic Audit
  • Detection and Prevention of Money Laundering
  • Investigation of Customs Affairs and Smuggling
  • Ethics
  • Managing

Our Training Division designs training programs, identifies and recruits top notch instructors in their areas, organizes program logistics and requirements, and manages and coordinates all related academic and operational aspects.