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Ethics Policy Implementation/Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Corruption and bribery are evils that not only affect the public sector. Private organizations are frequently victims of disloyal employees with dishonest conduct. In many cases the organizations tend to focus their efforts on detecting and investigating illegal acts but fail to assign sufficient resources to prevent them. This, eventually, may be more costly and less effective.

Serious studies on so-called “white-collar crimes” indicate that one crucial element present in most illegal conduct is the “rationalization” of the crime.

In other words wrongdoers justify their acts by assimilating them to their own “ethic code.” Well-established ethics programs have been proven very effective to prevent employees and public servants fall to the temptation of dishonest actions. Therefore implementing such programs is deemed an essential preventive measure.

Our Expert Consultants Division, working jointly with our Training Division, has designed Ethics and Anti-corruption Programs for numerous governmental agencies and private organizations in various countries in the Americas.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) forbids U.S. companies, their affiliates, directors, managers, employees and representatives, as well as any company making business, having representation or being registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), to bribe foreign officials, either directly or indirectly, in order to obtain business advantage.

IFPC-IGI offers a wide range of services within the requirements of the FCPA: investigations for alleged bribery or fraud, due diligence transactions, consultancy on the implementation of compliance programs and evaluation thereof.

The Audit Division in concert with the Expert Consultants Division manages FCPA related services.