Products and Services

Business Intelligence and Investigations.

The sophistication and the speed of business nowadays impose tight deadlines on companies, to which adequate and timely information is crucial. Therefore, the reliable services offered by IFPC-IGI are increasingly in demand. We maintain strict policies for gathering and analyzing facts, our investigations produce findings recommending efficient and timely risk-prevention tools, or damage mitigation, depending on the situation.

IFPC-IGI proudly offers highly efficient services, sometimes involving sensitive matters, without ever losing its spotless professional reputation. Our clients are protected by the strictest rules of confidentiality, and this responsibility continues after the conclusion of any contractual relation.

The strategies, procedures and methods of investigation are adhered to in order to protect and prioritize the interests of those who place their trust in us. Our IFPC-IGI’s Investigations Division are staffed by experienced and multilingual professionals who are all well prepared to conduct the following:

  • Complex investigations, tailored to the meet our client’s needs.
  • Computer investigations.
  • Due diligence.
  • Fraud and money-laundering investigations.
  • Asset tracing.
  • Intellectual Property infringement investigations
  • Pre-employment screenings and employment background checks
  • Poligraph examinations


IFPC-IGI offers economic information and analysis to companies and investors interested in developing businesses in Latin America. Our reports help identify opportunities through our reliable and precise approach. We offer specific content subject to the fluctuating changes in demand and analyze macro-economic events having particular effect on daily and future business. Our analysis covers such areas as politics, economics, finance and law while we also generate reports focusing on particular industries and companies.

Our team boasts extensive experience in various sectors, such as oil and gas, finance, energy, renewable energies and telecommunications. IFPC-IGI has access to the leading experts in these industries, analysts and business executives, all of whom constantly aid us in understanding the future of their sectors.

Through business intelligence we provide an advantage to corporate industry. Examples of some of the products and services we offer are the following:


These reports provide relevant information on the main events concerning a specific sector, industry or company in a certain Country or Region. Sent on a daily basis, our reports convey relevant current information, thus allowing for the identification of the principal business and investment opportunities in the geography of interest.

Download an example of a DAILY REPORT


With access to a number of valuable databases and top-level sources, our team of analysts prepares reports focused on certain industries or companies. This tool allows our clients to make optimal investment decisions.

Download an example of a INDUSTRY/SECTOR ANALYSIS