Products and Services

Risk Control, Forensic and Compliance Audit.

Forensic audits cover two broad areas: internal fraud investigations and litigation support, for private as well as for public entities. We are able to gather evidence of ongoing or potential fraud by applying specific techniques to determine indexes and trends, while conducting interviews and analyzing documents. Furthermore, by conducting research and analysis focused on the collection of evidence, drafting of reports in a language that is understandable by attorneys and court officials and the possibility to act as expert witnesses in courts of law, we provide invaluable assistance to legal professionals.

Compliance Audits have the purpose of evaluating the existence and the efficiency of controls implemented by an organization. It is critical for companies and organizations to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

If an employee or a third party connected to the organization commits a crime and it is found that the organization has not implemented an effective compliance program to avoid or minimize hypothetical unlawful events, serious economic sanctions may be imposed, besides the likelihood of civil or criminal liability for Directors and managers.

Our Compliance Audit practice assesses the organizational situation in light of domestic and international standards; then designs and/or assists the organization in the establishment of formal programs and monitors and evaluates the performance of such programs.

This service is provided by our Audits Division and includes support to enhance the efficiency of controls and training to our clients to meet Governmental requirements.