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Physical Security Analysis and Executives Protection.

The physical security depends primarily on the evaluation of the risk that the business faces. Evaluating the risks concerning staff, facilities and equipment within the business environment is an important managerial task, as it requires decisions for adequate prevention policies and taking correct measures.

Four basic elements make up the General Risk Level of an organization, namely:

  • «Property»: both tangible and intangible, things that can possibly be lost
  • «Threats»: potential causes for the loss of property
  • «Vulnerability «: weaknesses in the security measures currently in force and their potential to allow the threats to succeed
  • «Countermeasures»: the actions, procedures, technologies or installed capacities that may be applied to diminishing or eliminating vulnerability.

Through our Division, IFPC-IGI is able to evaluate the Risk Level of an institution or business organization and provide the required assistance and/or to implement the necessary countermeasures to reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities

Protecting executive personnel today has become essential. Kidnappings have become a prospering business, particularly in some countries in Latin America, as a result in the increase of opportunities, the weakness of the law and of agencies in charge of enforcing them, in addition to the growing gap between the poor and the rich.

In effect, extortive kidnappings are now an industry, and executives of multinational companies are preferred targets. The reason is simple: these companies usually offer the largest ransoms. However, not only are the kidnappings the reason for worry; street violence, robbery and physical aggression are all unfortunate ills affecting the region.

IFPC-IGI’s global network, made up of professionals trained in physical protection, risk evaluation, investigations and /or negotiation in kidnap and ransom situations, offers top of the line services for the protection of executive personnel. Our staff has designed programs and guidelines to assist and provide continued services to companies and institutions in the configuration of their crisis programs.