Products and Services

Restructuring and Implementation of Internal Controls.

IFPC-IGI helps optimize the performance of both public and private entities by maximizing their operational efficiency and by implementing effective controls.

Business and public organizations sometimes face changes in the structure of their processes. Often these changes are the result of internal needs, other times they are the consequence of adjustments in the size of the organization, mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, introduction of new products, etc.

An adequate planning and monitoring schedule of these processes is fundamental for the evaluation of risk and the prevention of fraud, as these transition periods increase vulnerability for organizations, both internally and externally. Our change management services assure the redesigning of these processes in accordance with company objectives, harmonizing them with corporate culture and their reality, reducing generated risk and promoting adherence to the new standards.

Our Expert Consultants Division has successfully conducted:

  • Programs to increase public revenues
  • Anticorruption programs
  • Programs to guarantee the integrity of Organizations
  • Programs to guarantee the integrity of purchase and sale processes
  • Design and optimization of the internal controls
  • Design of internal affairs departments
  • Design of risk prevention rules and policies
  • Competition analysis